Wednesday, 25 July 2007

5 Fun Lunch Ideas to Put a Smile on Your Child's Face: By Sherrie Le Masurier

All it takes is one good lunch idea to put a smile on your child’s face. What child won’t love having a lunch that’s the envy of her classmates?

Following are a list of kid-friendly lunch favorites I’ve gathered over the years from moms in the know.

Ants in a Log

You’ve heard of ants on a log - what about ants in a log? Fill the inside of a rib of celery with cream cheese (or peanut butter if your child’s school doesn’t have a ‘peanut free’ policy). Insert the ants (raisins) into the stuffing, and then squish another cream cheese or peanut butter stuffed piece of celery (the same length) on top - trapping the ants inside. Wrap tightly in plastic.

Meat & Cheese Cubes

Cut up a variety of your child’s favorite meats and cheeses (chicken, ham, Kielbasa, cheddar, Monterey Jack, Gouda etc. into cubes and pack in a multi-sectioned plastic container. Send along some toothpicks or pretzel sticks to spear the cubes or a selection of crackers.

Fruit Kabobs

Cut melon, apples, pears, grapes, strawberries (or whatever is in season) into big chunks, and spear them on short bamboo skewers with the sharp ends snapped off for safety. If your child likes cheese consider adding chunks of cheese.

Sandwich Filled Ice Cream Cones/Cups

For variety, send your child’s favorite sandwich filling to school in a container along with a spoon and an ice cream cone or cup. Your child can spoon the filling into the cone and enjoy as if eating an ice cream cone.

Creative Snack Mixes

A selection of crackers, cereal, dried fruits, nuts, and pretzels make for some fun and varying snack mixes. Every once and awhile add yogurt or chocolate covered raisins or even some M & M’s to add a little variety and interest.

More creative lunch ideas can be found at your one stop resource for healthy lunches your kids won't trade. Sherrie Le Masurier is a busy mom and lifestyle columnist who believes in eating right. Copyright 2007.

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