Friday, 20 July 2007

Carnival Cruise Bargains by: William Jones

Ahh, cruising!

There are a multitude of travel methods, but only cruising offers you the chance to choose on an almost hourly basis whether to seek excitement or solitude, activity or relaxation.

Relaxing on a cruise ship is a wonderful vacation at any age; however, such a getaway comes with a hefty price tag. Especially on higher-end cruise lines, these excursions can be very expensive and extract a toll on your bank account. Fortunately, many Carnival Cruise deals are available year round, so you can still take advantage of a cruise without spending every nickel you've saved.

First, check out Carnival’s web site to see what deals are available. Often, when departure time is fast approaching, Carnival will offer huge savings to book empty suites on upcoming cruises. The more available beds they have to offer, the larger the savings may be. The company generally loses money when a ship is not fully used, because many costs are fixed, and therefore will offer significant discounts to avoid that happening. Likewise, a full ship makes passengers feel as though they made a good decision in purchasing tickets -- their fears are assuaged because of the popularity. Besides, no one wants to cruise on an empty ship.

Similarly, empty rooms are also sometimes available on discount web sites. There are several sites that specialize in cruise lines, and you can purchase tickets at moderate to strong savings. Of course, these sites are usually less accommodating than the host cruise line itself, so what you see is what is available. Therefore, you may not be able to customize your list of options as you would if buying from another source. However, you can still get a great deal on a luxury cruise online.

Carnival cruises itself offers various special promotions from time to time. The company may celebrate an anniversary or other significant milestone with a discount package, and there may be discounts available at other times as well. It can't hurt to check the company’s website periodically to see what is available. Obviously, the more research you do, the less you will pay in the end. It is just a question of balancing the hours you spend at the computer, looking for bargains, versus how you might spend that time in more valuable ways. As with all things in life, striking a balance is key. Don't let bargain hunting ruin the fun of planning a vacation; instead consider taking fewer, but higher quality vacations.

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