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DVD to DivX - How to Convert DVD Movies to DivX Video Format: By Albert Eshbach

Divx is a popular multimedia format which allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, videos and shows on a variety of devices. One of the best things about Divx is that it compresses the original file to make it smaller. This is ideal for not only storage purposes but also for sharing as well.

Large files, even zipped ones, are difficult or even impossible to share with others. Not only that, but they can clog up your computer and eat up your available space in no time. Divx is an ideal solution for these problems. And, you can even convert your DVDs into Divx form so you can enjoy them anywhere at any time. Here is how it works:

The first thing you will need to do is make sure you have Microsoft Media Player and an MP3 Codec installed. Then you will need to choose a conversion software program. There are lots of them out there from which you can choose. Examples include AutoGK, XmPeg, Imtoo DVD to Divx Converter, DVD Ripper and many more. Once you've purchased and installed your conversion software, you're ready to get started.

How to convert your DVDs into Divx format will depend on which conversion software program you have. Luckily most converters work much in the same way. When you use a conversion program, you will simply select the target output format you want to convert your DVD into. For example, you would choose Divx if that is what you wanted. After that, you insert your DVD into the drive and from there you can convert the whole thing, or just the specific chapters of your choosing. Some programs first convert DVDs into AVI format, then to Divx. Others go straight from DVD format to Divx.

It really is fast and easy to do once you get the hang of it. After a few conversions with a good software program, you'll be an old pro. Conversion software is helpful and affordable, with most programs costing under $50. Once you convert your DVDs, you can do lots of things with them. You can watch them on your cell phone or iPod if it supports the Divx format, or you can burn them on disks so you'll have backup copies. Always make sure you understand and are adhering to the state and federal laws which relate to the copying and conversion of DVDs and other multimedia material.

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