Monday, 23 July 2007

Golf Ball Striking Tips - Don't Buy Into The Myth!:By Jeff Plante

When a talks about "ball striking," they are simply referring to the full golf swing. A golfer who is said to be a great ballstriker is really just a golfer who has a great overall swing. Here are a few golf ball striking tips to help your golf game, but first let's separate myth from truth.

The Myth
Prevailing golf wisdom says that one must maintain their spine angle throughout their golf swing in order to have consistency. This myth can be traced back to when the sport of golf first started being played, and has resulted in more harm than good for most golfers.

Why It's a Myth
For one, it is a difficult concept to really grasp. How many people really think about what their spine is doing outside of when their back hurts? Secondly, the fact is the spine does move during your swing, and quite a bit actually. When looking for golf ball striking tips, many people come upon this one. The most important thing you can do, is ignore it altogether.

Where to Focus
Instead of focusing on your spine angle, focus on keeping your forward bend toward the ball constant. You form this angle initially when addressing the ball and reinforces how important setup fundamentals are to your golf game. Here are some golf ball striking tips to help you do it.

Addressing the Ball
Start by bending from your hips, making sure not to bend from the waist. When you bend properly, an imaginary line coming up the shaft would intersect your spine on a perpendicular angle. Your side bend is almost as important as your forward bend at address and should not be ignored. Ideally, your spine should tilt away from the target slightly to the right by approximately 5 degrees. If you are not bent to the right at address, you're bent left, and that is not a good place to be.

Maintain your Forward Bend
You will have major swing issues if you change your forward bend, either by lowering your torso toward the ground or rising up toward the sky. If you are rising up on the downswing, you have a much higher risk of hitting the ball thin or putting too much weight on your right side, usually leading to slices. When addressing the ball, imagine your head resting on a wall. As you swing, try to maintain contact with the imaginary wall. This will help to keep your forward bend intact all the way through your swing. If you practice these golf ball striking tips, your golf game will improve before your very eyes.

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