Thursday, 19 July 2007

Golf swing - Truth About Golf Swing: By Arturas Gotceitas

A good golf swing is actually made up of a series of movements each of which positions the club correctly. The golf swing is a complex athletic motion involving every major muscle group. Developing power within your golf swing is directly related to the ability of your body to generate power. The forward swing or "release" part of the golf swing is when 100% of your speed and power is generated.

Developing a good golf swing is more than just hitting the ball , you need to build up all your body core muscles, spend a lot of time on practicing. The golf swing is a total body athletic activity.

While the speed of the proper golf swing is important to your driving ability, maintaining balance can give good results for even the slowest swinger. You need to develop and keep improving your balance.

The second step is analyzing your golf swing, taking note of the swing itself. Record your game play with camera and analyze all mistakes you make. Only by fixing your mistakes you can improve your game.

Your golf swing is what drives your score. If you have amazing golf swing - you are a winner. Most important golf swing is the backswing. Working on a backswing will get you much better results.

The final part of the full golf swing is the down swing. Working on a down swing is what you definitely need to improve. A full golf swing is what every golfer wants it is what separates the good golfer from the average.

The full golf swing is an unnatural, highly complex motion and notoriously difficult to learn.

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