Thursday, 19 July 2007

It Is Never Too Late With Love!: By MarieLouise Falk

This is a true love story. I came home for lunch after coaching a client in the city today. Sitting at the cafĂ© and decided to walk home. It’s about 1h walk. The sun was shining, perfect for walking.As I came home I put the porridge on the stove to cook. Put on the TV and said to my self only to watch when I was eating I have work to do! Sitting there with my porridge I saw a beautiful couple from Finland, 83 years old. They told us about the story when they met. Not an eye was dry I can tell you. The woman, Tullikki was living in Karelen. That’s far up north and next to the Russian border. Lasses, the man was patrolling as an Officer from the Finnish army. He was riding the bike and Tullikki thought he was so charming. They were having conversations about life and the war.
One day she decided to bake a cake for him as he was passing by her house. He was shy but thankful and asked for her address. He said he wanted to write to her from the war. They saw each other for three weeks and then he joins the war. He was writing regularly to her and she said that in one letter he wrote that he thought the war was three weeks left. Then it was over! It took five years! Lasses did not want to propose to Tullikki when he was in the war. He saw to much pain when the soldiers were killed and the others had to contact the new wife etc.
They kept contact through the letters but lost it after three years due to his transmissions. Tullikki met another man and got married. After the war Lasses met a wife and got married too. Tullikkis husband died fairly young so she became widowed early. Lasses wife died before him too. Tullikkis son’s wife was at a function in the city next to theirs. There was a gathering for veterans from the war.
She contacted the organisation and found where Lasses were at the time. Tullikki had told her about the teenagers love. When the daughter in law came home she passed on the telephone number to Tullikki who contacted Lasses immediately. After w week they came together again after 60 years! Wow! What emotions and thoughts came up?
They were happy. Smiling and giggling like they were young again. When Lasses was asked to tell the studio team about the first time he saw Tullikki he cried. He was so grateful and thankful to come together even this late in life. Just to end it with the love of my life!
Tullikki was taking care of him because he was injured in the war. The routine was the same everyday. Wake up and make him breakfast. Help him in the bathroom and place him at the table. Serving him and talking about the past, catching up so to speak. A lunch walk and shopping. Eating at the service house lunch or brunch. This is love.
In the afternoon coffee and cognac, order from the doctor. Reading the Time, dinner and then Lasses wanted to sleep by seven a clock. Tullikki said now she had her time to do what she loves most, crosswords!
After a month together again they decided to get married. It is never too late. When you know it is right you know. It is not about the age it is about love!
MarieLouise is working as a personal trainer and a life coach. She is also very skilled as a networker with several years experience from different MLM companies.

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