Thursday, 19 July 2007

Love At First Sight: By Clinton Paul

I remember one cold evening I went out to meet up with some musician's in town for a jazz gig at a club, I had just recently joined the band and was preparing myself for my very first gig with them, actually it was my first jazz gig ever.As I was approaching the venue I wandered whether I made the right decision to take on this gig or not, for a start I had never played or performed jazz before and to find myself at a top night spot in town just made me feel slightly nervous.

I turned the corner and outside the venue I met our vocalist who was talking with two female friends, we were introduced to each other and I couldn't help noticing one of the girls, her eyes dazzled brightly under the lights and her smile was so captivating that I was in a trance for what seemed like ages, we shook hands and I was left lost for words, I may have just about managed to utter 'I hope you enjoy the show' as I excused myself and went into the club.

Before I started playing the thought of this girl couldn't leave my mind at all, it wasn't just the natural beauty she possessed, she also had an aura about her that was so sensual and inspiring, it just took hold of me from the very first second I set eyes on her.

As I began to play that night I played with a passion that was purely influenced by the experience I had encountered earlier that evening, I developed a style so harmonic that if those notes could talk she would start blushing.

At the end of the show I went to look for her, not to chat her up but just to ask her how she felt about the show, I soon discovered that she had left early to get home, but all I really wanted was to look at her beauty, maybe I wouldn't see her again. I did get to see her again a few times since and every time I saw her I felt breathless, my heart would be jumping all over the place and I had to calculate every word I said before I opened my mouth because I worried about getting tongue tied' I still wonder how my fingers never slipped when I played guitar in her presence, but throughout this time the years were going by and she never knew how I felt about her.

I often paused to ask myself the question ' was I really in love with her or is this an infatuation ? I thought about her day and night and every time I saw her I got butterflies, but I always looked forward to seeing her. One evening we both met at a friends house for a drink, I managed to gain some confidence to talk to her, we got on really great and I still felt deeply passionate about her as I did when I first met her but even stronger, we kissed for the first time and the aura I felt affected me more intimately and sensually than I had ever experienced, I knew there was something special about her, this was more than love at first sight, I felt joy and ecstasy at that same moment, she showed me love I could only dream of, with a deep passion I never knew could exist and I've never looked back since.

Professional guitarist, songwriter and musical director residing in Kent, United Kingdom, currently writes for magazines and ezines between tours and music workshops, music styles include jazz, soul, rock, blues, funk, latin and pop.

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