Friday, 20 July 2007

Make Money on eBay: By Tony Harries

There's never been a better time for you to start your own eBay home business.

Lots of people try to make money from home.One way is to build websites and promote affiliate products which can pay commisions up to 75% (not bad).There's no doubt some are making money doing exactly that.

But There are millions and millions of websites out there and few make there owners any real money.

Another way is to start your own eBay business.

We all know that eBay is the biggest auction web site on the internet and it is estimated that over 400,000 people make there living on eBay.

You can start up your own ebay business with very little capital. Another bonus in having your own ebay business is that ebay has massive daily traffic unlike normal websites where you have to learn how to get people to visit your site.

Ebay has it's own help and advice section so it's well worth visiting that and learning all you can .Don't forget to look in at the eBay forum where you can learn from those that already run there own ebay business.If you have any questions ask the forum members they will only be to happy to help.

Take a look at what competition you may have before deciding on the products you intend to sell.

Learn to understand how eBay auctions work.When you are ready to start your new business start small by selling a few items.

Don't forget that there is a lot of help and advice on the web so do a search and find out as much as you can about eBay.

There are many online courses and ebooks available to teach you about eBay.You may want to consider buying one or two to speed up your knowledge, ask in the forum what course and ebooks are recommended.

Well I hope you make a lot of money in your new eBay business!

Tony Harries

Learn How To Spy On Successful eBay sellers

And if all the above fails then join me at the Millionaires society

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