Friday, 20 July 2007

A Quick Guide to the Dropshipping Situation in the UK for 2007: By Chris Satchwell

:arrow: UK dropshipping is still a growing industry and very few people know about it. This has its benefits and downside. On the up side there are not many people dropshipping so you can have little competition to sell against. However it does open the UK industry to potential scammers, they are simply middle-men or just take your money and run.

The key to not getting stung is research.

- Look at several dropship company's. Using the membership service at you will be able to find the good ones, and avoid the bad.

- Once you found the company(s) you want to use then research what products are already being sold and at what price. You can do this by searching the exact product name in or Then you can see the competition and the profit margins they have.

- Then once you have your supplier and you know the profit margins you can achieve you need to find a platform to sell on. If you are going to sell on your own website you need to register a catchy and keyword specific domain and find a decent shopping script which is functinal and looks good, this doesn't have to cost too much if you shop around. Or if you want to sell on ebay, ebid, preloved and QXL you need to create good looking templates will all details so you achieve sales.

Follow those simple steps closely and the chance of anything going terribly wrong is very small! If you need to do more research then make sure you use a free online dropshipper service and research as much as you can with the use of entrepreneur articles. Happy dropshipping!


You are welcome to link to this article, if you copy it into your website please make sure nothing is edited and the links remain live. Happy Dropshipping!

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