Friday, 27 July 2007

Speed Camera Detectors: By Charles Lamston

Road safety is vital on today’s roads, with concerned parent transporting their little one’s to farmers transporting live stock. Speed camera detectors are equipment used by law enforcement to assist in keeping our roads safe. Here are a few of such detectors: The SPECS safety system works by using by using automatic average speed digital technology. A pair of cameras creates a speed controlled zone and groups of cameras can be linked to create a speed controlled network. As vehicles pass between the cameras pairs they are digitally recorded. The time it takes for the vehicle to travel between both points is used to thus calculate the average speed.

The GATSO camera system is widely used in the United Kingdom and account for 90 percent of fixed cameras on roads. This speed camera detector uses radar technology to estimate the speed at which a vehicle might be traveling. This particular camera faces the rear of the motor vehicle so that the cameras ‘flash’ would not blind the oncoming motorists. A third speed camera detector is the Truvello, this piece of equipment takes pictures of the front of a vehicle, using infra red which produces no visible flash.

The speed of vehicles is determined by sensors built into the road. The mobile speed detector camera and hand devices are used across the country to catch motorists speeding and have to be positioned in approved locations. The red light cameras are placed at traffic light junctions and photograph vehicles that pass red traffic lights. Detectors have been designed to help you drive in the confines of today’s ever changing speed limits. Always remember that speed limits have been set for the safety of all road users. Speed camera detectors are seen to police as a speeding deterant as they do not pre-warn you of whether the camera has any film or not.

Written by Charles Lamston. Find more information on speed camera detectors

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