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Kids Education - Who Our Kids Will Be: By George Josserme

A brand new human baby combines splendid and awesome features, abilities, and qualities. Each were designed by nature, and intended to be the foundation of a magnificent human being. They are like ingredients of a cocktail. However, those ingredients may or may not fully develop to their full potential or progress to be what nature intended.

It heavily relies on how we parents choose to raise our kids. It depends on the set of values and principles we teach them to have and to use in life. It has to do with the kind of experiences we as parents accept for them to be exposed in the critical formative years they stay with us. It is conditioned to the quality of the environment those young minds are growing up in. It is mandated by how much time ~and the quality of it~ we dedicate to them every day. Certainly not the least important, it is heavily dependant on how we parents give and express our love to them.

These are few of the conditions that will begin to affect a brand new being at that moment when he or she arrives to this world, and to our lives. It is up to us parents to fully realize that a baby is just like a big and fat book with great many thousands of empty pages. Every day, a page is written with that day's experiences. To different extents, those pages cannot be erased, or modified, or altered. Quite substantially, those written pages will determine the human qualities that new baby will have when becoming an adult; and after becoming one, they will likely govern the rest of his or her life.

Situations, states, conditions, experiences, and issues that directly or indirectly affect and influence, shape and sculpt, and often times concern and disturb our kids may lead them into following the right path in life or sway them away otherwise. It is all dependant on how well we do our job as parents.

The arrival of a new being most definitely is a joyful event, but what starts immediately after a triumph of life is the foundation that will determine and will define who that being will be as a person; and what kind of human qualities he or she will have.

"Our children are not ours. They come through us, but they belong to life. Our job is to prepare them for it". - George Josserme

"There are two lasting things we could hope to give our kids. One is love. The other is wings". - Hooding Carter

About the author:

George Josserme is the Editor-in-Chief at The View.

He edited and published an article intended to make parents realize that their awarness, wisdom, and responsibility are crucial to bring up ~or not to~ a prime example of human qualities needed for better socities. The article is titled Who We Are Raising.


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