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Road Map to Riches Review: By Matthew Chilleri
The Road Map to Riches opportunity launched on June 22, 2007 and has created quite a stir online. Many internet entrepreneurs are taking a look at this program for a variety of reasons. In this article, I will lay out all the facts and give an honest review of the Road Map to Riches program.

Road Map to Riches is and program where distributors promote personal development products. For the price of $999 people receive access to a plethora of personal development product in the form of ebooks and audio downloads as well as the opportunity to promote the program and profit from it. The fact is the personal development industry is one that is booming with approximately $8-$9 billion spent in this industry annually. The amount of money being spent in this industry indicates there is significant market demand for these types of products. Obviously the opportunity to profit is greater in an industry where there is significant demand than in one where demand does not exist.

Distributors in the Road Map to Riches program earn $999 per sale. The program features a modified 2up compensation plan. This plan allows a new distributor to split their first two “pass up” sales with their sponsor (earning $499.50 on sales 1 and 2). The new distributor begins earning 100% profit ($999) on the third sale. The traditional 2-up compensation plan requires the new distributor to entirely pass up 2 sales to their sponsor. Each distributor they bring into the business is required to split their first two sales which is where the leverage in the two up compensation plan exists.

The Road Map to Riches program offers people a back office section where they have access to training materials, a replicated website, an auto responder series, lead capture pages and more. The cost of the admin fee which gets you access to the back office area which also covers hosting of your company sites and capture pages is $49.95 per month or a one time fee of $350. This is a cost all members must incur in order to promote the Road Map to Riches program. There are many distributors who offer their own training sites, systems, and sites on top of what is offered in the back office area. This is often done to increase the value of the overall offer and enhance people’s ability to have success, by providing more than the simple back office support and materials.

One thing you may find with the Road Map to Riches program that you want to be aware of is distributors who really hype up the potential of the business and what you can make. There is money that can be made however some exaggerate the potential of this business for everyday people. The likelihood of stepping in and earning $25,000 or $50,000 your first month is not completely realistic like some people try to sell you on. Hype filled sales pitches with people showing you how much money they make and all their nice cars can be deceptive in making people think they can instantly have that type of success to. You can make money in this opportunity, but beware of the hype filled sales pages that induce people to have unrealistic expectations.

Overall, the Road Map to Riches program gives people a legitimate way to make money online. Success in the Road Map to Riches program will depend a lot on an individual’s ability to market (or ability to learn how to market and then apply it.) As with any opportunity, results people experience vary significantly from person to person, based on effort, marketing knowledge, support, and other factors. The fact is there are people making money in with Road Map to Riches and it can provide you with the opportunity to do the same if it is something you decide to pursue.

Matt Chilleri is a prospering and successful online entrepreneur and internet marketer. This Road Map to Riches review is one of many articles written by Matt related to business and achieving success online. Matt offers in depth training, mentoring, and support to those looking to achieve financial success online. To learn more about Matt and how he may be able to help you reach your online business and financial goals, as well as to gain FREE LIMITED TIME access to his information packed 7 part success boot camp visit his website at He can be reached via email at


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