Monday, 27 August 2007

Shopping Online: By John Foster

Shopping online is no different to going into a shop on the high street; in so much as you see the items and purchase.

Online shops however often have reviews of the products you are interested in, so you are getting first hand information from the user.

Sales in shops and stores are a good way of saving money but online stores are also giving good service by offering sale items and even some with (free delivery)- remember to allow for delivery when you are doing your price comparisons.

However lots of stores are offering online deals not available to the retail sector.

Usually the online stores will require you to fill in online forms with info such as name address a delivery address if different from the account one, also your email address to confirm your order. And give you a reference number to track your order.

Online shopping from the comfort of your home computer has its benefits and can save your lots of time and money. has links to many shops and stores and allows you to use one basket for all the stores. has two Shops and lots of pages such as arts and books, fashion, home and garden, sports Special offers and many more.
Also have Top Ten tips for shopping online - read this and enjoy safe shopping online.

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