Thursday, 16 August 2007

TOP TOYS FOR KIDS in AUG 2007: by John Foster

It's so hard to know what to buy for our kids these days; most of our kids are influenced by the TV and films they see. And based on that. - this is the top ten for toys at the moment TOP TOYS FOR KIDS

Buying from a well know company is important factor when purchasing for your children.

Safety - is another important thing to put on your list.
Usability - How long will your child play with it (can it be passed down)

I remember getting a cardboard box for my birthday once (not true but the fact was that after taking out the toy I found I was more fascinated by the box and played more with that) but sometimes parents forget a child can have fun with the simplest of things

So before you part with your well earned money ask yourself - does your child really need it.

Another Gadget my father used to make for us was so simple

You use an empty cotton bobbin make a hole down the centre - pass an elastic band through the hole then attach it to a lollipop stick, all you do now is to wind the stick round and round then when you let go - it fly’s across the living room floor.

Cost nothing except half hour to make it - and believe me I had many hours of fun with this.

So have a look at the toys they are not to expensive - but the free ones you make are just as good.

Please also remember to watch your child constantly when they are playing with Toys or something you make, in case they take it apart etc:



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