Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Building a Modular Home: By Kristy Annely

A modular home is an interesting option for homeowners who have concerns about building a home on a budget. Modular homes are pre-assembled and are available in many styles, from cottages to log homes. They are constructed in a factory, out of pre-selected building components and then transported to the actual site, where the components are assembled on the foundation. Modular homes are usually built within two to three weeks after the order is placed.

The home owner's actual savings in choosing a modular home lies in the short amount of time required to complete the new home. They are able to reduce a lot of overhead costs. The homeowner has a wide choice of design flexibility. There is a variety of house plans are available to choose from. The manufacturers offer capes, ranches, split level and two-story homes. It is also possible to customize them to their personal taste and aesthetic sense. From 1,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet, size of homes, modular homes can fulfill the home owner's needs.

There are home additions available in various designs, which can fit into the existing modular homes. People interested in enlarging their homes can add rooms to the existing house. The quality of engineering and construction is also found to be generally superior to traditional building, as they are built in a controlled environment with quality control inspections at all stages of the construction. The homes are designed to be energy efficient, which save money on bills in the future. Energy efficient appliances are also available and used in these homes.

It is wrongly concluded that these modular homes look like identical replicas, because they are factory made. There are many different designs that can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the customer.

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