Wednesday, 12 September 2007

One-Day Cricket - A Brief Introduction: By Pauline Go

Cricket players in One-day cricket matches generally appear in bright colored clothes to create more interest for the viewers. It further improves the appeal to the television networks that telecast the matches.

As per the history of one day matches is concerned, it all started between the English County teams at some point in 1960's. The first one-day international game was played in 1971, in Melbourne, Australia.

Cricket World Cup started in year 1975. Many of the innovations and ideas like colored clothes were the result of World Series Cricket. It was a "revolutionary" series system outside the organization by Australian media industrialist, Kerry Packer.

People are so crazy about One-day cricket matches that happen every year. Towards the end of the game, people just go crazy, and their heart beats increase.

In test matches, innings are long, and people usually get bored. If the weather is not good, the result of the game generally becomes dependent on it. That is why One-day matches have gained so much popularity.

In a one-day international match, every team can bat only once, and the number of overs is also restricted. The typical number of overs is always 50. Each over includes 6 balls throw.

In first fifteen overs, players do not move from a certain region of the field. That gives the opportunity to batsman to score more.

This game remains quite interesting even after so much of time. One-day cricket will, no doubt, remain popular for years to come.

There are cricket fans all over the world. The popularity of cricket and the craze for the one-day matches is evident from the number of fan clubs made worldwide to honor the cricketers.

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