Monday, 17 September 2007

Skating - An Elegant Sport: By Piyali Sen

Skating is an elegant sport. It is a sport which can charm and enthrall you and brings magic and enchantment in the air. When you see the performers glide on the skating ring effortlessly and perform stupendous antics, you are bound to feel awed by their talent.

The swirl, the jumps, the glide, the spins, and the twirls may look effortless on the surface but they take eons of perseverance and practice to reach to that perfectionist level. The attire of the skater is also very elegant and eye-catching yet suitable for the purpose of skating, such as leggings, or short skirts, or tight-fitting flexible pants.

There are various types of skating, such as roller skating, ice skating, skateboarding, and snowskating. Each one of the sport is fun and interesting in their own way.

However, amongst them, figure ice skating tends to be the favorite sport of many. Such a sport, performed on frozen ice, is not an easy task specially when it comes to jumping and landing with perfect ease and yet being careful not to put too much pressure on the ice. Figure skating can be performed individually, in couples, or in teams. There have been several competitions in figure skating such as World Championships, Winter Olympic Games, and European Figure Skating Championships.

Such championship events are a pleasure to watch because you come across all kinds of talents and performance at different levels. It is like watching a piece of art. Unlike other sports, which involve cheering, shouting, this is a sport, which imbues an air of sophistication and silent appreciation.

Crazy Skating Fan - Skating: An Elegant Sport

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