Thursday, 13 September 2007

White Water Rafting Arizona Adventure Opportunities: By Wade Robins

The Maze, Corkscrew, or the Salt River are just a few names you should learn if you are intent on going white water rafting in Arizona. White water rafting is for those who enjoy being outdoors and adventure. There are several levels of difficulty when considering white water rafting and you should know what they mean in order to plan your adventure on the white waves of an Arizona river.

First a level one white water rafting trip in Arizona is nothing more than a meandering river with a few bumps along the way. The challenge is not there for the adrenaline junky, but it is a great place to start gathering experience or simply enjoying the scenery around you. Most adults take their younger children on these types of trips because they can be assured of the safety and still have a great time.

A level two or three is a little bit more difficult. You will have a higher rapid with a few obstacles, but nothing to worry about tipping the boat over or falling out. A guide will be more than happy to tell you what to expect on a white water rafting trip and how to conduct yourself in the boat.

Next is a level four. This is a little more complicated. You have to pay close attention to the guide in order to have the safest and more fun trip. The potential to get knocked out or flipped is a little higher though the raft is designed to keep you afloat properly when weighted correctly. You will have a life vest as well as footholds for your feet to keep you in the boat. Always be careful of where you have your paddle. You do not want to hit a fellow companion and cause problems.

A level five is the most difficult level and should not be attempted until you have the proper experience. It is always best to have a Arizona white water rafting guide the first time you attempt a level five rapid even if you have been river rafting on your own over other level fives.

Once you find a company and a level you are comfortable with you should consider a few personal safety tips. You will want to wear the appropriate attire. Water can be cold depending on the time of year. Mid summer will provide the warmest water and weather so you can get away with shorts, at other times you may be too cold if you don't have more layers. Also sandals like flip-flops are not recommended. The water will cause slippage and you could lose your foothold. Sandals that have straps around your foot and heal can be worn. It you have any questions ask your local guide.

Arizona white water rafting is an adventure for everyone, but you still need to be aware of the risks and follow suggestions of your guide to ensure you will be safe and have the optimal amount of fun.

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