Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Building Your First Website: By Jim Hoyle

Anyone can build a website. But you might as well open a store in the middle of the desert if you stop there !

You must understand and accept something that you may not at first believe.
Searching via Google, Yahoo, etc. is not a search of the world wide web.
You are only searching the individual directories of Google, Yahoo, etc.
There is no such thing as searching the world wide web because that is impossible.
Read the preceding again until you understand the idea. It is the truth.

So what to do ? You would not build a store in the middle of the desert. Why would you build a website where no one can find it ? You may have a nice looking website but who cares.

Your website must be designed and built properly so that search engines can find it. Further, it must be designed and built so that people who are actively searching for your product, service or organization can readily find you.

Designing and building a website is comparable to getting a single base hit in baseball. Your hit does not count for anything and you are stuck there unless someone else brings you home. An experienced professional web master who is not only well versed in all aspects of website optimization but who has a depth of experience in search engine optimization SEO can turn this base hit into a home run.

"Web master" is a misnomer. It is comparable to calling anyone with keys to a boat "captain". I am referring to a genuine "master" who is knowledgeable, experienced and wise in the many subtleties of design, optimizing and development.

The methods used are enough to fill numerous books as well as college classes. But now at least you know the general ideas necessary to creating a real working web site.

Just be careful which captain has the keys to your boat.

- JungulJim

Since 1979 I have operated my own successful business. I appreciate the challenges faced by different companies, organizations and clubs of any size and I incorporate this experience into building my web designs.

I speak plain English and I do not attempt to impress with techno lingo. I open the door for a real life view of what professional web site design and development is about.

Contact Web Master JungulJim: Phone: 704-732-8001 Swell Webs:

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