Monday, 22 October 2007

Jasmine our Persian Chinchilla Cat

Jasmine is a 6 week old kitten and lives in Malaysia - She lives in a Condo on the 7th floor so care has to be taken to ensure she is safe from falling etc: (Curiosity killed the cat as the saying goes) However we have a hugh balcony so she gets lots of sunshine and fresh air.

It's amazing watching her grow, each day is another enjoyable event and she can now look up and jump about 1.5 feet onto the sofa although i will not encourage this being a long haired cat.

I'm still finding out things about her breed online and just know we have made the right choice in geting her.

I shall set up a blog of her adventures as she grows and hope it brings a smile or two to every one that reads about her.

leave a comment if you wish to hear more about her.

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