Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas- A Definition by :Annalaura Brown


Christ- Tis the real reason for the holiday to begin with. Thus it is also the first letter in the word. Remember why we are celebrating this holiday. It is easy to forget this with all the gifts and comercialism but we must remember this.

Happiness- Christmas is a happy time of year. I know I feel happier just by listening to Christmas music and by thinking about the holidays. Everyone else seems happier as well.

Red- one of the colors of Christmas. Red candles, red berries, red flowers, red ornaments, all kinds of red symbolizing Christ's blood and his sacrifice for us.

Intent- at Christmas everyone has kind hearts and love for one another. Everyone seems to have good intentions at Christmas.

Smiles- Everyone smiles more at Christmas than at other times of the year. I smile just thinking about Christmas.

Together- families spend more time in one another's company and many people seem to act more in unison.

Merry- Not only do we say Merry Christmas but hearts are merrier, and times seem merrier and brighter at Christmas.

Abundant- there is plenty of love and cheer for everyone. Those who have more share more. Everyone is in more of a giving mood and the williness to share with others of their abundance is more evident.

Sharing- Christmas is a time of giving not only of presents and material wealth but also of happiness, caring, and the Christmas spirit. Santa Clause himself is a symbol of the sharing and giving spirit of Christmas.

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