Monday, 21 January 2008

The Big 50 : by John Foster

Well it’s fast approaching, in fact the 27th I shall be 50. When I was young a person the age of 50 seemed so old, but now I have arrived it’s not that bad actually, in fact being fifty I think will be OK.

Luckily I'm still of good health and have a great family for support and love.

Of course I'm looking forward to being 60 then 70 and so on, in fact I only celebrate them with a 0 at the end.

I still get out playing sports like golf, swimming, gym, 2km walk every morning, lucky to have sunshine nearly every day and live close to the sea.

Over the Hill expressions no longer fits the age.

So if like me you are turning 50 raise a glass and toast to the future, after all today is the first day of the rest of your life, so what you do from now will determine the outcome.

AND ITS THE YEAR OF GOLD - hint hint hope I get lots of gold presents.

Do I feel old? NO WAY

Recommended read : You Know You’re 50 When… By Richard Smith, Smith

Here are some of my favourite jokes from the book:

You know you're 50 when --

on your second honeymoon, you tip the bellhop to carry her across the threshold.

you wonder how Mick Jagger stays so thin.

you drop off your dry cleaning at the post office.

'performance anxiety' refers to golf.

your children earn salaries, not allowances.

you're still able to recall where you left your keys, but not what they unlock.

you now read Playboy for the fashion tips.

at last it's okay to sleep late, but you can't.

you carefully trip the fat from cookies.

staying power refers to remaining awake through Cats.

Florida starts looking good.

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