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Easter moves about each year
It will, however, fall on March 23 in 2008, but will not do so again until 2160. So what is easter really about.

Easter, Pascha, or Resurrection Day, is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred on the third day after his crucifixion some time in the period AD 27 to 33. Many non-religious cultural elements have become part of the holiday, and those aspects are often celebrated by many Christians and non-Christians alike.

Easter also refers to the season of the church year called Eastertide or the Easter Season. Traditionally the Easter Season lasted for the forty days from Easter Day until Ascension Day but now officially lasts for the fifty days until Pentecost. The first week of the Easter Season is known as Easter Week or the Octave of Easter.

Easter is termed a movable Christian holy day because it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. Easter falls at some point between late March and late April each year (early April to early May in Eastern Christianity), following the cycle of the moon.

Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover not only for much of its symbolism but also for its position in the calendar. The Last Supper shared by Jesus and his disciples before his crucifixion is generally thought of as a Passover meal, based on the chronology in the Gospels

However as with other bank holidays it seams to have been made commercial and the opportunity to make money is high on the corporate agenda.

It’s also a time for the family to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

So take time out and relax recharge your batteries, and read this book so you can share time with your children and find things to do over the easter period.

Easter Things to Make and Do (Usborne Activities) (Usborne Activities)By Kate Knighton and Leonie Pratt

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