Monday, 18 February 2008

Mother’s Day by John Foster

Mother’s day (March 2nd) is next in line for this year’s celebration. and makes me remember my mother and her life in which she gave so much to her family and friends, and touched the hearts of all she met, you see it’s not about being rich in life but having richness in your life.

And sharing the goodness within you that makes you special, and my mother had this in abundance, as I suspect do so many other mothers out there that will be descended upon by the children to say thanks for being there when they need her.

So how do we show our appreciation - Well in modern times the Card plays a big part, but this year do something special and make your own.

It’s not so hard as most people will know someone with a printer all you have to do is make it personal to your mother, try a 3 d card this involves sticking layers of card onto the front and building it up in layers. Flowers are good for this, I even used real ones but im sure you can come up with designs relevant to your mother.

Then of course the biggest time for the flower and plant industries and over the years you can now get a really nice display for less than ten pounds.

So go on do your best to say that special thank you because let me tell you, you only have one mother. and when they are gone they are gone but, you can still show your appreciation, for me I just close my eyes on mothers day and remember all the family get together and how mum and dad was the centre of our lives so happy together just having the children around them was enough to make them happy.

I have a little cry and then I am thankful for receiving that goodness from both mum and dad that made me the person I am today.

God bless Mums and Dads all over the world.

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By Julie K. Hogan, Ideals Publishing Corp.

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