Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Rain then Sun then Rain & Sun @ same time: by John Foster

I am amazed at the way the weather has changed around the world, I mean one min its Sunny, the next it's trowing it down.

But today i saw Sun and Rain at the same time on the tennis court.

Yes half the court was wet while the other dry with sun shinning. OK I am in Malaysia and we get funny weather here most times as its a tropical climate and always the temp is between 25c and 32c.

One thing is for sure thou After the rain the sun does shine brighter.
I for one prefer it sunny as it seams to make people around me more happy and polite, yet when its raining and dark out people always grumpy.

Just thought I'd share that with you, maybe if you know you can leave comments on why that happens.

Recommended Read: After the Rain, the Sun Shines Brighter By Ph.D., G. G. Bolich


Syu said...

Do u hv any idea where can I get this book?

John J Foster said...

Oh thank you Syu, you can get the book from my on-line shop,the link to the book is their but blacked out I will go back in and change its colour so you can see it,

Once again thanks for highlighting this error.

regards John

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