Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Sailing Bug by John Foster

I am not sure what it is, but why do so many of us when we get older get the urge to do something way out. I have turned 50 and retired and find myself day in day out looking at boat information and routes to sail around the world.

I was in the Merchant Navy from 16 and sailed around the world twice before I was 18.

This sound really grand i know, but to be honest most of it was done on the passenger ships Northern Star and the Oriana as a crew member. ( I can honestly say probably the best experiences of my life happened on these voyages, but that's another book lol.)

I have read so many stories by people who have sold up and took the bull by the horns and done it, each one different in many ways, the way they all learn about the world, the people in it and the many diverse cultures that exist side by side on this planet.

Anyway back to me, I am finding out its not just the buying of the boat, there is so many things that need to be factored into the calculations, such as boat fit out, insurance, training for deep sea travel, (boat handling etc:) supplies and rations. this alone is scary as its pushing the cost so high. but you can not skimp on safety.

However I am at the moment reading about how to do it on a budget yet include all the important things. I can see will be good planing. of ports and collecting provisions along the route.

That's another thing I have never sailed a boat yet apart from the sea school training in gravesend so many years ago. I have sailed motor cruisers on the broads and loved it, but sailing using the power of the wind has a fascination to me that just makes me so envious of the people before me who have done it.

Or will this be just another pipe dream that I'm sure many of us have as we get older.

Well only time will tell, and of course I will then tell you.

One book I really enjoyed and is my Recommended Read for today is: Sailing Around the World: A Family Retraces Joshua Slocum's Voyage By Guy Bernardin

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