Monday, 19 May 2008

House Search in Malaysia by John Foster

I am amazed by the prices of houses in Malaysia. Of course in relation to the workers pay etc they are correct but coming from the UK where you can pay over 20 000 pounds for a garage then for 116 000 pounds here you can get a five bedroom five bathroom 3 storey house with its own 3 car drive big pond with fountains and two balcony's it's no wonder people are flocking to Malaysia under the MM2H programme. ( this is a programme that gives you ten year visa to come and go as you please and to buy up to two property's freehold.)

Also another thing i noticed is any place that has a swimming pool, golf, and a restaurant appears to be called a resort.

Today i went to two resorts and found them both to be really nice places and quite reasonable with there prices.

One was Sabana cove golf and marine resort.
This one i really liked but im biased as i love boats
and the other was tanjong puteri golf resort.
this one even has its own Accommodation

The resort comprises of 164 rooms.
This is divided into two (2) categories :-

The 20-rooms clubhouse is an exclusive resort catering to those seeking intimacy and pampering. The 34 double-storey villas with 4 & 5 bedrooms, living room and kitchen are suitable for families or groups of friends.

I was looking for something extra that i don't have at my condo in JB, however both are just a little to far to get to so I will have to look a little closer to home. but i did have a lovely day out.

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