Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My Garden on the Balcony By John Foster

Hi, yes it June already and I am only just sorting out the garden. OK I know its a small garden on the balcony but it still needs looking after. Then i thought what if i put together a balcony garden that could look after its self apart from watering of course.

Understand your growing conditions so that you can choose the right plant for the right place. Full sun is more than six hours of sunlight per day. Constant winds at high altitudes can dry out and knock over containers very quickly. Select tough plants and provide a windbreak. Hardy plants may overwinter if they are at least 2 zones hardier than where you live.

"Using a few large pots and trees rather than small ones helps to reduce clutter without it looking bare and lifeless,"

One thing for sure I'll need hardy plants that can stand the sun, wind and the rain - Yes the rain it falls very heavy here in Malaysia. especially in the monsoon season.

I also need to allow for plants that like to be in sun and dry out a little be4 watering, this way if i want to go away I can move plants to outside of balcony to catch the rain water.

And i want a water feature maybe a solar fountain i have seen. Wont have to worry about getting power out to it then. another job saved.

Ok I'm off to the garden centre see what they have to offer.

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