Monday, 16 June 2008

Raptors of Malaysia. by John Foster

Fly free my friend, This is what I think every time I look up and see him flying above me.
Raptor, but of course I thought it was an Eagle with it's large wings outstretched far and wide helping it to float around in the Air.

Circling around looking for it's next prey, then without warning and as fast as a blink of an eye it's down upon its target.

It lives in the high trees over looking the Straights of Johor, with fish abundantly swimming about just below the surface of the water.

On the weekend when the coastline of the danga bay development is packed with people taking in the sun and entertainment you will often see it above watching for the food thrown into the sea by the full up humans.

Then it swoops down to scavenge the free loot floating around. often to the screams of the people close by for when they come in close they look so big with very strong legs and claws.

Not a patch on the seagulls back home in the UK, They would swoop down and take it from your hand.

The skies above Langkawi are dominated by magnificent Birds of Prey, the most conspicuous of which are the White-bellied Fish Eagle A sight I have yet to behold.
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