Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Learning the Golf Swing and Game For the New Golfer: By Nancy P Thomas

When you begin golf, it is important to take golf lessons from a certified LPGA Class 'A' or PGA Class 'A' professional. These professionals are trained to instruct and need to know the golf swing on a professional level. They have completed their apprenticeship and have spent years mastering the art and science of teaching golf.
There are many important things to learn about golf and there are certain things to learn first. It is important to learn the basics such as grip,stance,posture and alignment when beginning. The reason for this is that if you have an incorrect setup it could ruin a good shot.You could have all the swing mechanics correct but if your setup is incorrect,then your shot is going to be off. Often times beginning golfers can spend many sessions simply covering the basic elements of a swing such as using the larger muscles to swing the club and reinforcing the ball position, stance, alignment and grip so that with constant repetition the golf swing can begin to take shape. It is wise for the beginning golfer to take their time in learning the correct swing stroke and even start with the short game (i.e. putting, chipping, and pitching) before taking on the fullswing.
Then, after they feel ready to move forward they should learn the fullswing and work through the various golf clubs, but start with the more lofted clubs. During this time the golfer should remember that they need to create new and correct muscle memory in order to get more consistent with golf. After a new golfer takes about 6 to 10 golf lessons they should have a professional give them an on-course 2 hour playing lesson to help put all of their newly gain knowledge and skill together.
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