Wednesday, 9 July 2008

When I'm Cleaning Windows: by John Foster

But not the kind you look out off. No, I'm talking about the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Why? well because my computer came to nearly a standstill, in fact it became so slow, I could go cook lunch while certain programs loaded.

I guess I'm like most people that edit photo's go on the net for long hours surfing. well all these cause the system to slow because each time we use the net or download programmes it leaves other info and files and links back to the authors website onto the hard disk.

Although most of these item are relatively small they mount up over time and its this, that causes the system to slow.

But all is not lost. ( speaking of lost i would suggest you backup and files or software you may not want to lose just in case you delete by accident and i have done it many times, deleted something only to find i needed it later)

OK well I'm not going to go into to detail but I came across this book for dummies and it is really good and helped me a lot to sort out my system, but it also taught me how to maintain my pc so it does not slow down again, and you know what? it's not hard at all.

So this is my Recommended Read for today: Cleaning Windows XP for Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))By Allen Wyatt

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