Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Cruising Ships 2008 by: John Foster

Holidays - It's that time of year again when I try to book my main holiday of the year, I like to holiday over Christmas and New Year.

However this year has been a difficult one to sort out, with one thing or another it's all coming in very expensive.

I tried to look for holiday in Japan and while I can get the land package at quiet a good price the air fare spoils it, once they have added the fuel surcharge it shoots the price up a lot,

Then I thought of a two city holiday in Australia, (Sydney and Brisbane) my choice and again found some great land deals but the flights shoot the price up so much it takes the edge off the good land deal I got,

Ok what has all this got to do with Cruising?, well I came across this website with cruising holidays on it and reading through the vast amount of information.

I realised, that once you pay your initial cruise cost, that most things on board are free such as shows, meals,snacks, sports and much more and even though I still have to fly out to join the ship, all in all I feel it's really excellent value.

I don't believe in paying vast amounts of money for staterooms with windows and balcony etc, because let's face it once you paid for your holiday on board a ship, the last place you want to be is in the cabin, get out and about enjoying all the Ship has to offer. So yes! you guessed it. I opted for the cheapest cabin.(inside stateroom)

However this is not so bad from the pictures and description the cabin is really nice, it's got a queen bed, side table, writing desk and chair, also two lounge chairs and small table on-suite bathroom and toilet.

They also make the cabin look bigger by using mirrors on the walls.

Anyway I am going to do it.

So Come back in the New Year I'll let you know how it all turned out.

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solarmom said...

That is great. We have been thinking of taking a cruise and saving up for it. I agree, why pay more for a fancy room when you will most likely not be spending any more than sleeping time there. We have not been able to travel much lately due to the inflated cost of everything. I have been living vicariously through my friends all over the world , from It seems there are so many well traveled individuals out there. Someday it will be our turn too!

fozzie58 said...

Thank you Solarmom

A saying I once heard - it all comes to those who wait.

Hope it comes your way soon

Regards John

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