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4 Simple Reasons Why Your Back Hurts: By Damien K Winters

Back pain. We all have it from time to time, but did you know that most people don't even understand the reasons why we get it. In this article I am going to share with you the underlying problems that most people do not know about or how to treat.

I will cover the following areas which attribute to back pain;
1 Postural alignment
2 Poor core strength
3 Poor seating position
4 Lack of stretching

Postural alignment

What do I mean by postural alignment? This is basically a statement on how well your skeleton is working. Just like the engine of a car what goes on underneath our skin has a big impact on the way our muscles and movement occurs. One of the biggest factors is checking your hip and back alignment. This is done by physiotherapists and chiropractors. It is very easy to spot but difficult to notice for the person involved. I have had my ow troubles with hip alignment and lumber vertebrae. It usually manifests in some sort of tightening of the surrounding muscles because you need to be clicked back into correct alignment and in the mean time some other muscle is 'over compensating' for the muscle that should be working.

2 Poor Core strength

Core strength is basically your deep muscles called the transverse abs. They run kind of along the underneath where you bladder is. They are essential in keeping your torso, upper body and all muscle working to their maximum. You know sometimes when you see a young child running in a sprint race and you suddenly see them get all tight and start putting their head back and overstriding. This is an example of the core strength within the torso failing and then all the body kind of just starts slumping into a bit of an untidy mess. Well thats when your exercising but it's happening all the time and when you do decide to do a bit of sport your muscles are not ready to take the extra demand and again something might pull and cause back pain.

3 Poor seating position

This is a no brainer really. If you do not sit straight and just kind of slump around all the time the muscles which are supposed to be working in the correct seating position are getting a bit of a holiday. You then end up kind of wasting away and putting strain on the muscles that are being forced to be used because of the angle you are sitting on. This is easily corrected but again a contributing factor to overall back health.

4 Stretching

If the above 3 factors are ringing alarm bells I'm pretty sure you won't be stretching. Tight and cramped muscles causes inhibition of the correct muscles that should be working. You get stiffness and that means when you have to move outside of your normal plane such as a light game of tennis or something you might get an injury.

In summary I have gone into the 4 simple things that cause back pain. If any of the above rings true to you, I suggest the following;

Get yourself checked out by a quality physiotherapist, they don't cost much and if you think about the money you spend on your car being serviced it is a fraction of the price. We all need an m.o.t every 3 months or so. The physio will take care of the rest he or she will give you exercises to strengthen your core muscles, and stretches to keep you in shape.

Damien Winters is dedicated to helping people with self help and personal development. He has over 18 years experience as a high level athlete having trained with world class athletes and coaches . He has also become an inspiring entrepeneur and business man. He writes for several sources on motivation and physical fitness. He is co founder of a leading site for self help and personal development and general health.

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