Tuesday, 2 September 2008

5 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat: by Jesse Miller

The amount of work done by a muscle is reflected in the changes in the muscle itself. Muscle inactivity always leads to muscle weakness and wasting. Muscles are no exception to the saying "Use it or lose it".

Regular exercises increase muscle size, strength and endurance. However, not all types of exercises produce these effects - in fact, there are important differences in the benefits of exercise. Aerobic or endurance types of exercise result in stronger, more flexible muscles with greater resistance to fatigue. A successful exercise program includes a frequent physical activity.

This activity must be rhythmic and repetitive that challenges the circulatory system as it makes use of the large muscles. The program must result to a significant increase in the blood flow to the muscles for a period of time, thus, promoting cardiovascular fitness. These are called aerobic exercises. If you want to have a healthy heart then you can perform an aerobic exercise.

Here are some of the aerobic exercises you can start with.

1. Jogging. You can do this in short distances or long distances and you can choose the pace you could best sustain your body with. When you jog, make sure that you do the proper breathing technique.

2. Biking. This is easier on the joints than jogging and there is really a good thing about biking outside on a beautiful day and feeling the wind touching your face. There is pleasure and exercising combined while you cycle your way through your village.

3. Bending. The simple movement of bending a part of your body so as to stretch those muscles could give a great benefit to achieve a fatigue-free body. Make sure that when you bend you still keep the proper alignment of your body so as not to damage your spine.

4. Jumping. You move and jump those muscles. It feels so young and fun.

5. Participating in an aerobic class. These workouts could also deliver the cardiovascular benefits as running and bicycling.

As we age, muscle mass decreases and the muscles become more sinewy. Exercise helps retain muscle mass and strength. So, keep moving those muscles and keep them strong.

Finding the perfect Workout Routines takes time and effort. These best workout routines is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs.

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