Wednesday, 10 September 2008

How to Be Safe in the Water :by Rianne De Leon

Swimming is one of the most fun activities done during summer, or in any other hot day. Kids in particular, enjoy swimming, paddling, or just about any kind of activity in the water. Indeed, going out for a swim is one of the most memorable childhood memories a kid can ever have. It is also a favorite family recreational activity.
There are plenty of ways to enjoy the water on a hot summer day. But there is also a lot of chance for a child, or a person can be in danger while in the water beach, pool, or the like. Here are some ways to ensure that your child is danger-proof while in the water. By taking note of these tips, you and your family can truly enjoy a fun day of swimming!
Obey pool rules. There is no substitute for following rules, especially in the swimming pool. Take this tip and you are sure to be on the safe side one step ahead.
Never allow your child to swim alone. There has to be adult supervision that you and your child can count on while the tyke takes a dip in the pool or the beach.
For adults, especially when you wish to swim farther away from the shore, you've got to have a swim buddy to accompany you.
Avoid prank plays in the pool like pushing people onto the water, or jumping on others in the pool.
Swim in the areas where the depth is just right for you. In swimming pools, there are indications of the level of depth. Do not go over board by going beyond the level of depth that is right for you.
Do not run in the pool area. Walk slowly to avoid slipping, and to prevent accidentally pushing people onto the pool.
Following these tips will prevent danger on a fun day in the pool. Water sports should be something fun, and should not be a cause of danger.

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