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How to Use a Daily Healthy Eating Plan: By Liz Thomas

Eating healthy everyday is important to keeping you healthy. To achieve this type of healthy eating it is best to have a daily healthy eating plan. When you have a plan to follow it is much easier to stay away from the unhealthy food that tempts you. To make daily healthy eating plan, it takes a little time and planning. With a little work, you can be on the road to healthier eating habits. Once you have started making and following a daily healthy eating plan it will become second nature.

Step One

At night, sit down and plan out your coming day. You will want to look at everything that you need to do during the day. You may want to write this up in a planner to help you to see where all of your events fall during your day.

Step Two

Onto this schedule of events, write in when you will have your meals and snacks. You should be eating every two to three hours. Make sure that you include whether it is a meal or a snack you will be a having.

Step Three

Look at each meal and snack time in your daily healthy eating plan. If you will be at home, make a note about what you will make yourself to eat. For eating on the go make a separate lists of snacks and meals that you will need to pack to eat healthy during the day.

Step Four

Look at the daily healthy eating plan for the list of items that you will need to pack for the coming day. Prepare and package these items so that they are easy to grab on your way out the door in the morning. Your healthy eating plan will help you to prepare the healthy snacks and meals that will keep you away from fast food when you are out and about.

Step Five

During the coming day look at your daily healthy eating plan often to make sure that you are on track with your eating. By checking your plan often you will not skip meals and snacks. This is important to eating and being healthy.

Step Six

Repeat this process everyday to stay healthy. It will be difficult at first to get used to doing all the preparation and planning. As time passes, you will find that keeping a daily healthy eating plan is very easy.


Keep a food journal along with your daily healthy eating plan. This will be where you write down what and how much you ate each day. This will make you more accountable for what you are eating. You are less likely to cheat when you have to write down what goes into your mouth.

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