Monday, 15 September 2008

Maintaining Your Weight After Weight Loss: By Lara Lee

So you have lost all the excess weight you wanted to lose, and you are fully satisfied with the way you look now. It is a great achievement and you must give credit to your self for achieving your goal. But here is what you need to understand losing weight is not easy, but gaining it back indeed is. If you leave your current eating routine and workout pattern.

The possibility of you gaining all your weight back exist. I am sure after so much hard work you do not want to go through that phase again. So what you need to do is be smart about your eating pattern and understand your metabolism. Now that you have lost weight you probably know which food has what effect on you. For instance you probably do understand what happens to you if you eat out, do you gain weight immediately or your metabolism is faster and you do not gain weight that easily.

If you are like all those other people out there who gain weight back immediately then of course you should be concerned. For people who have a slower metabolism and gain weight faster, should resort to strength training. When you build muscle you can eat more and your body will burn it faster. Make sure once you go back to your normal eating routine you do not add the old foods again.
Eat all the foods in moderation and make sure you introduce the carbs back slowly.

Eating in the same pattern as when you were on a diet is beneficial. Eat veggies everyday and do not skip the fruit serving everyday. Make sure you eat fiber every single day. Working out should be your number one priority, indulge your self in at least three to four times a week. Do not skip any meals or your workout. Maintaining your weight is a longer process, you do not want to gain all the weight back that you just lost. Being on a yo yo diet is never good just stick to the current eating habits. Stay healthy and maintain your weight.

This article is written by Lara Lee, a prominent writer and editor for Lara specializes in weight loss studies and reviews. For more information on a variety of popular weight loss plans, check out these weight loss reviews.

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