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Wedding Photographers - Tips on Choosing a Wedding Photographer: By Mircix Nuk

The photos from your wedding with be the main keepsakes from your big day, so it is vital you choose the best photography service available. In the past a lot of faith had to be put in the photographer, as the photos from the wedding would not be available until after the event when it was too late to correct poor quality or unsuitable pictures. These days with state of the art digital cameras you can view each photo as soon as it has been taken, and so both you and the photographer can take a more active part in editing and directing the wedding photos as the happen.

When you are choosing a photography service your first thought must be to your budget. A professional photographer can cost a lot of money, and you may only receive a small album of highly finished photos as a result. If you are having a more informal wedding, you may want to provide disposable cameras for all your guests to use throughout the day and then return to you when they are finished. You can pick the best photos from these to either supplement your professional shots, or make your own, low budget album. Don't forget if you take the photos and have your own negatives, you can order any size or type (gloss, matte, colour, black and white) of photo yourself to create a stunning album.

If you do decide to opt for a professional service then ask friends and family if they have any recommendations. A local wedding planning service or bridal shop should also be able to suggest some affordable, reliable services. A good photographer will provide examples of previous wedding events they have undertaken, and some may also have a website featuring their work. This will give you an idea of the style of the photographer's work, and whether this will suit the type of wedding you are planning. Always speak to the photography directly and discuss your ideas and needs for the day. Be specific and ask questions about their full service. For example some services may charge travelling fees for venues outside of the local area, or overtime fees to work into the late evening. Give them as much information as you can about what services you expect, and what you can afford in your budget. You may want to combine digital photos will more traditional techniques, or perhaps you might want both a photo and video diary of events leading up to the big day. When you get your final quote check how many prints the service includes (on both digital and hardcopy mediums), and whether enlargements are priced in. Also ask if you can order more prints in addition to the main albums after the wedding, just in case friends and relatives request specific photos from you.

When you know the date and venue of your wedding, provisionally book a photographer as soon as you can, especially if it is to be held over a weekend. There are only so many weddings photographers can cover in one day, so you need to get in early to avoid disappointment. Make sure you have a final meeting with the photographer a couple of weeks before the wedding to confirm all the details, and ensure they have all the information they need about the location, times and duration of the wedding.

The photographer will be an integral part of your day, so it is important you feel comfortable with them, and also that you feel confident enough about their service to let them work freely. Listen to the photographer's suggestions on the day, as they will be best placed to assess light and background issues, and make decisions for suitable photos. Don't be afraid to suggest particular photos you may want though, such as groups of certain relatives or friends. This is your big day, and the photographer is there to record and not dictate events.

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