Saturday, 6 December 2008

Santa's Sleigh on Christmas Eve By Brian Parkin

Christmas season is here once again and one can almost hear the bells of Santa's Sleigh as it goes around the neighbourhood. The image of Santa's sleigh brings a joyous feeling of happiness that herald a time of giving and receiving. We have the Christmas tree, snowman, mistletoe, Santa Claus, and Rudolf the reindeer with its red nose leading Santa's Sleigh. It is in this sleigh that all the goodies for Christmas are said to be carried to be given to good children around the world.

There is a story about an outcast reindeer named Rudolf who had a shining nose who became the saviour of a Christmas season because he was able to guide Santa's sleigh through the thick and snowy fog. This is the traditional image of the sleigh which has been going around for centuries. There are also a lot of other interpretations of the story depending on which country or region it is being told.

The thought of Santa's sleigh may mean several different things. It may symbolize various aspects of this world at present. It can be related to a store that delivers goodies during Christmas. It can perhaps mean an online store with items such as toys, clothes, accessories or even the latest high-tech equipment like laptops, iPods and other computer peripherals.

Aside from Santa's sleigh being a "store" in the perception or representation of other people, it also served as a model toy itself. Several manufacturers have invested in the interest of many children and even adults on the sleigh. With the proper design based on age old stories, an effective factory production process and some marketing, they were able to put out in the market Santa's sleigh in various designs and sizes. Some are made of plastic, while some of metal or wood. There are also a few independent companies who make these sleighs by hand. They don't make as many as the other big companies but they usually cost a little more and the value usually appraises as time goes by. These toy sleighs can usually be found at the toys departments of shopping malls or maybe at novelty stores or gift boutiques. The making of toy sleighs has also been around for a long time which is why there are antique toy sleighs for the more serious collector.

The advent of new technology also resulted in the manufacturing of a different breed of toys. Remote control or robot-like sleighs have become available to the masses. In extreme cases, there are sleigh toys with video cameras connected wireless to a computer and robot like reindeers to pull it. From the traditional wooden and hand made sleighs to the most modern variations.

Santa's Sleigh is a theme that constantly evolves year after year. Toys and Christmas decors all inspired by what Santa's Sleigh represent which is the virtue of sharing. Santa's Sleigh is still a fulfilling thought which reminds us that Christmas is just around the corner. But most of all, it gives us an example of the meaning of Christmas as a season filled with love.

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