Friday, 23 January 2009

Lovebirds : by John Foster

I thought today I'd share some information about the two love birds I own, (or do they own me?) I say that because it's me running around cleaning up and feeding them.

But when you see them playing around together and the affection they show each other it's really quite rewarding.

Ok guess I better introduce you to them both.

This is BB (Bad Boy)
This is GG (Good Girl)
And together.
Ok so now you know what each looks like, BB is the one that's curious about his surroundings and is the one that lets me get close and touch him, feed him by hand etc.

GG on the other hand is the timid one yet has quite an adventurer side to her, like tackling the rope swings upside down or rolling around the perch.

but together they are chalk and cheese as the saying goes, I sometimes wish id only got bb because i feel he would allow me to train him better, but with gg their he holds back some what.(but i'll keep trying)

I was told the secret to training any animal is, patience, patience,and more patience.

I would gladly recommend lovebirds as pets as they are so engaging with each other you never get bored of watching them play.

The cleaning of the cages is much easier now with the new cages, as they have pull out trays to allow you access to clean out the waste. I use news papers and just roll them up wipe the tray and replace paper job done.

They do however need their feeding trays clean every day and new food put in. I also put in a oblong food tray with water so they can bath in (they love this).

Onething I find is they can get bored so you have to find thing of interest to them, most of which i make myself, the inner part of toilet roll is a good one, wooden pegs, bottle tops, paper cut up into squares, one of the best item they love to play with is the cork from our champagne bottle from new year.

Well I hope you enjoyed and may even think about get some yourself, with Valentines day coming up these would make a great present to your loved one and the best part is you get to share the gift.

Recommended Read: The Lovebird Handbook (Pet Handbooks) By V. Appleyard

Customer Reviews

Brilliant book for novice lovebird owners5
Gives all the information you might ever need to know about looking after your feathered friends. Up-to-date information. Fantastic pictures.
Great for younger people who want to know how to look after their pet.
Best book on lovebirds I have read.

A Very Helpful Handbook4
The handbook contains a comprehensive survey of the nine species of love-birds, including species that are usually rare as pets. The book provides useful information on behavior and training with helpful insights on understanding behavior and how to treat or prevent damaging your bird according to its needs. What was lacking was detailed information on building suitable cages for breeding love-birds. However, the chapter on genetics and mutations proved valuable both for beginners and expert breeders. I have been breeding love-birds for 8 years, and this book added much needed useful knowledge in a pleasing format, equipped with many photos that enriched the reading.

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