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New Years Resolutions Planning :By Letitia Rhodes

It's New Years today. I wish the best for you! Are you making any New Years Resolutions? How about goals or targets for the New Year? Would you like to increase your chances of actually achieving them?

Write the goals down. Yeah, yeah. You know all about that. Hold your horses... If you know what I'm going to say this isn't for you. Go find something better to do with your life. If you want some tips that really work and you will use them keep reading.

I call this New Years Resolutions Planning. It is a process you won't finish until the end of the year. You will need some time to get started today. You will need a calender and notebook.

The first step in New Years Resolutions Planning is:

Identifying your BIG goals. What are your BIG goals? Are these coming from you or are they being imposed on you? If they are imposed they aren't yours. I suggest working towards the things you REALLY want. Write the BIG goals down on the last date you want to achieve them.

Write them in the present tense "I am...", "I now have...", "I weigh...". Make them measurable. Measurable means you can weigh, count it, hold a ruler to it. Why? When you get there there is no doubt. It also makes it easier for your subconscious to get the picture of what you want. Avoid negative terms such as "loose" or "decrease". Focus on the end result. Write what you want. My example is I consistently weigh 140 pounds. I don't care if I need to loose 5 or 50 pounds . I weigh 140 pounds. I don't care if I need to gain weight to maintain my weight at 140 pounds. I weigh 140 pounds.

What is your immediate reward when you achieve this. Write it down with the goals. Also "FEEL" that you have hit the bulls eye. I can't tell you how many goals or resolutions to have. But, the more you have the harder it will be to stay focused.

New Years Resolutions Planning Step 2

What are the intermediate steps to get from where you are to where you want to be? What are some smaller goals for say March 30. Again make them present tense and measurable. Write them in your calender on that date. How are you going to reward yourself? Write it down.

New Years Resolutions Planning Step 3

What are this months goals? What needs to happen this month so you will be in position to achieve the quarters goals? Write them in present tense and measurable terms in the calender on January 31. Write down your reward.

New Years Resolutions Planning Step 4

What are you weekly goals? These are your baby steps. Make these small and very easily achievable. This is not the place to "stretch your comfort zone". This may be to march in place for 1 minute during a commercial every night. This may be earn $5 a day. You want these to be EASY and very believable. You are going to use these to build belief in yourself and your ability reach the monthly goal. What are your immediate daily rewards? Yes write everything down on the 7th or Sat the 10th which ever makes more sense to you.

New Years Resolutions Planning Step 5

I asked you to pretend to be in the future and move backward to the present. Now be in the present and look to 12/31/09. Do you notice any thing else you need to do? If so what and when? Write it on the calender. What is your reward?

New Years Resolutions Planning Step 6 Evaluation

Choose a day to look and see how you are doing. Are you taking those baby steps? If so make sure you are rewarding yourself. If you're not taking those small steps try to figure out where the problem is. Is the BIG goal really yours? Did you make your baby steps small enough? Did you state your goals in measurable terms? Can you picture inside your head exactly what you wanted? What adjustments do you need to make for next week? Write the next weeks small goals down. Write your reward down too. Also note what resources, supplies, and info may need. Write potential sources for things needed.

That's it folks. My New Years Resolutions Planning. Yes, the ideas are simple. Yes, it takes time. But, if that resolution is really worth doing doesn't it make sense to complete your New Years Resolutions Planning? You choose.

Letitia Rhodes

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