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Valentines Day Ideas - Make it Stunningly Special: By Pushpa Pal Singh

So it's that time of the year again and you might be making plans on what to do this Valentines Day. There are thousands of valentine day ideas to choose from but the main thing you need to make sure is to make your valentine feel really special and your valentine idea should be unique in several ways. What's the use of doing something on the Valentines Day which has already been done before. Read on to discover unique valentine ideas you can use to make this valentine day really special for you and your lover.

Keep a big valentine surprise planned- Different people like different things and no one can decide what your lover prefers more than you yourself. Therefore the best valentine day idea would be to give your lover what he or she really wants and would absolutely love to have.

Fill your lover's room with a big surprise- Your valentines day should start off with a big surprise and end with a big surprise. One of the best possible Valentines Day ideas would be to fill your lover's room up with a lot of balloons and card before he or she wakes up and let him or her be absolutely stunned.

Write a special Valentines Day card- Nothing can be more romantic than making a hand made card for your lover and telling him or her what they mean to you and how much you love them.

End it with a nice candle light dinner- Your valentines day would never be perfect until you end it in a perfect style. And what better way to end it than to take your lover on a nice romantic candle light dinner to a really special place.

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Recommended Read: The Trouble with Valentine's Day (Little Black Dress) By Rachel Gibson

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another great one5
another great read by gibson. i love her books and this is no exception. set in the town of gospel, idaho where we have been before and also the guy rob happens to have been a seattle chinook, who have appeared in see jane score and a few others. great sizzling banter between rob and kate!!!

Sexual Pretzel5
Wow! This is my first Rachel Gibson book and I am now hastily ordering everything this woman has ever written....(i would go so far to say i'd even buy her shopping lists too if they are as fabulous as this novel...!)

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Dr. Karen said...

These are good ideas! I may even get the books you recommend!
I also have other valentines ideas. You may want to check them out at

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