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Top 10 St. Patricks Day Gifts by: Sean Walters

Gift Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day 2009

One may ask whether it is appropriate to give gifts in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. For most of us, gifts are not necessary. However, for the Irish at heart, gifts are a celebration of their heritage.

Is it possible to develop a top ten list of St. Patrick’s Day gifts? Of course!

My recommendations are as follows:

10. A CD of celtic music gets every St. Patrick’s Day party rollicking. There are many online sources which can help navigate the many selections available.

9. For the more reflective moments, a book focusing on the beautiful Irish scenary can bring the emerald isle into your home. Some selections to look at include Irish Country Style: A Celebration of Ireland’s Enduring Charms by Bill Laws, The Ancient Books of Ireland by Michael Slavin or Ireland The Emerald Island by Peter Skinner.

8. Celtic Jewelry, especially a beautiful celtic cross, is a must for every female of Irish descent.

7. Shamrocks. It is possible to purchase shamrocks from numerous online garden retailers to bring the Irish country side home.

6. Green Beer. This American tradition should never be overlooked for the Irish at heart. Or, skip the coloring and go straight for the Guinness.

5. A homemade Irish craft such as the Samhain Parshell or a carved turnip head would certainly be an unusual, and unexpected, St. Patrick’s Day gift.

4. Luxury handmade Irish soap made with Irish rainwater and scented with heather, moss, sweet lavender or rose damask. Include luxury Irish creams for a beautiful gift set.

3. Meade, often referred to as the Irish aphrodisiac. The Bunratty Winery located in the shadow of the 15th Century Bunratty Castle in County Clare, Ireland sells their wares online.

2. Classic Irish Cape or Herringbone Tweed Cap brings the local clothing home.

1. A trip to the Emerald Island featuring a pub crawl and a visit to the Blarney Stone would top the list of best presents for St. Patrick’s Day!

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