Monday, 21 September 2009

Burning dvds and getting errors. By John J Foster

I thought i was savvy when it came to using DVD players etc but lately the gremlins have entered my world and things are just not going as they should.

For one when i come to play the DVD I just recorded the player returns the information -No Disk in the Player.

Now really gets me mad as I just put it in their. and I got a machine telling me otherwise.(now where did I put that sledge hammer lol) but what makes it worse is I check!!!

Now for the fun part - It only turns out that a - or + sign can make all the difference as to weather the machine will play.

You see, my machine is DVD-r and I been using DVD+r - All this time i thought DVD was a DVD and would play any disk I put in Wrong.

So folks always check the type of machine you are going to play your disk on and that it matches the players format, or you too will be looking for a hammer.
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