Monday, 21 September 2009

Eating out! Food for thought! by John J Foster

Just got back after eating out and having a lovely meal with friends.

One thing that surprised me is the amount of people these days that take laptops into the cafe/restaurants with them.

Tonight I was surprised a table with four people all with laptops going like mad - best of it was they even fetched a four way plug socket adapter so they could all plug in. ( Cheeky I Think)

And guess what while we a table of four had starters fish dish main meal sweets wine and cheeses to follow they must have only had four cups of coffee for the whole 2 hours we was their.(by the way they was still there when we left.

Don't see it as good business from the owners point of view.

Two things I feel is that

1. It's so rude using computers when you are in mixed company.

2. no conversation between them was heard - unless they was using MSN to chat.

To me this just sets bad example to our kids. being very anti social by using these when in company

But then again maybe it's me getting old - lol.

What do you think!!! Please leave your comments.

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