Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Year Celebrations, by John J Foster

Well it's that time of year again when we think about making those new year resolutions that not many of us ever keep.

The last two years I have vowed to lose weight and get down to my target of 80kg, ok so I never made it but did lose weight, I am at present 89kg.

I do all the right things exercise every day, eat my veg and fruits, take one a day multi vitamins and still the weight does not want to leave me.

So this year I will make the same resolution to lose my weight but I will have to increase my intensity whilst doing my morning workouts, (easy said than done).

The hardest place for the weight to go from is the mid section. and if you are like me and most people are, they hate to work the mid section (sit ups etc) I have even used the new equipments at the gym whereby you do them sitting up and lean forward whilst altering the weights to impact on the movement. this you can feel in the centre part of the tummy, but its them bloody love handles one min they gone and the next time you check yourself out in the mirror THEY ARE BACK.

So my friends I bid you all a very Happy New Year and however you celebrate it I truly hope you enjoy it and have a prosperous time ahead of you.


John J Foster.

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