Monday, 18 January 2010

Deal or No Deal by : John J Foster

Deal or NO Deal - I don't know if you watch or follow the game on TV or the internet, but I have always been a fan watching it on TV.

And I am a big fan of on-line bingo, So you can guess how pleased I was when the two have been fused together on-line.

It's so much fun and unlike a lot of bingo games I have played I am actually winning on this one.

Of course I never play more than 12 tickets and only play less when tickets are over 50p. I have tried many combination but find playing 12 tickets has been more productive in the winnings dept.

With this Deal or No Deal the prize money is already very good, but if you win the full house you get to play the deal or no deal game where you can add up to 700 pounds to your winnings, plus all the other players get a chance to vote on what you should do.

well back to the game.

Give it a try

Deal or No Deal

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