Sunday, 3 January 2010

New fish added to our Reef tank: by John J Foster

This is a Sailfin Tang and is a fantastic fish, it mainly eats algae and seed weed, but its how it opens its fins to twice its own size and move through the water so fast.

I am surprised at how fast its settled into the tank, I did however have to put the yellow Nemo into the hospital tank till they get used to each other or the nemo will attack the sailfin. So best to be on safe side.

It's all about territory and who is the boss underwater, or so it seams.

Oh and the Love birds have laid another 2 eggs making it 11 now. I am expecting one to hatch within the next seven days.

I tried to set up a web cam to catch the hatching but they was having none of it and attacked the lens punching it out of the nest (surprising how strong they are)

Have a good day

John J Foster.

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