Sunday, 3 January 2010

SailFin making Friends: By John J Foster

Making friends with the cleaner shrimp,Interesting to see how long it is be4 he will allow the shrimp to clean him.
Also the nemo will be let out of the quarantine tank soon just hope they get along.

For anyone not having a fish tank is such a shame, they are so relaxing to watch going about there daily routines.

tropical tanks are so easy to keep anyone can do it, but the Reef or marine tanks are different story, I can say that because of the cost to me its been setting the system up, cycling of the tank, introduction of fish, losing fish due to fighting or water quality not right, the cost of adding a cooler to the marine tank to keep its constant 26.5 degrees, must say that it was the best investment I made so far oh and the protein skimmer.

back soon regards

John J Foster.

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