Friday, 26 February 2010

Fastlinxs goes Social by John J Foster

Fastlinxs has opened its door to a FREE Social network.

This will enable UK Shoppers a chance to inform each other of great bargains around them and in return get similar information back hopefully near to you.

Of course the main thing is to have fun and for this reason their are lots of things you can do on the fastlinxs site.

  1. Set up your profile
  2. Upload/download mp3, video, documents - free
  3. Show a map of where you from.
  4. Daily News headlines and Shopping info updates.
  5. Photo albums as many as you like, easy to share with your network freinds
  6. Event planner.
  7. Members Groups.
  8. Blog - Set up your very own blog.
  9. Magazine - add your own stories
  10. Forum - set up and manage your very own forum.
You have nothing to lose and lots to gain, so don't think about it, get your social network moving.
and register today. then you can add something each day - be4 you know it you will have a great site to show your friends and work mates.

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